frequently asked questions

Which vaccines does my dog need to have?

Pets R People 2 must have a copy of your pet's current shot records from your vet's office.  For the same reason kids need vaccinations to attend school, dogs need vaccinations to attend daycare or overnight boarding.  All dogs must be current on their annual Flu, Rabies, DHLPP vaccinations and 6-Month Bordetella.  Cats must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.  Newly vaccinated pets should wait 4-7 days before enrolling to allow better protection in preparation for their stay with us.  Your vet can fax your pet's records to us at 865-675-2273 or email to

Do I need to drop off my pets at a certain time?

It is best for your dog and our staff if you drop off your pets by 4pm.  This gives them time to play, burn energy, and integrate into their group before quiet hours start at 7pm. 

Can my puppy stay at Pets R People 2?

Pets should be at least 12 weeks old.  All pets 6 months or older must be spayed or neutered to be a guest in our facility.

Does my pet have to pass an evaluation first?

Yes.  An evaluation must be completed prior to your pet's first stay with us.  All pets must be non-aggressive toward people, other pets and toys.  Evaluations last 4-6 hours, however it is ideal for your pet to participate in a full day of daycare to help them adjust to our facility before coming to stay overnight.

So, if your pet is friendly and good-natured, our daycare and boarding facility will be a wonderful place to spend their time when they cannot be with you.  Don't worry if your pet is shy or nervous at first.  We are with them and do everything we can to help make their stay comfortable and fun.  

However, if your dog tends to bite, growl or show aggression, a traditional kennel or pet sitter would be more suitable for your pet.  You are ultimately responsible for your pet's behavior during their stay with us.  Safety must come first at all times.

Do you have any restrictions on size or breed?

We are not accepting new large breed dogs.  If your dog is (or will be when full grown) more than 30" tall at the shoulder and more than 70 pounds we will not be able to enroll him/her at this time.  All dogs are evaluated on an individual basis, regardless of breed.

Do you have any restrictions on age?

Dogs older than 10 generally prefer a more traditional kennel environment.   A highly socialized environment can be difficult for an older dog who is not as interested in playing and doesn't like to be bumped or jostled.  We are not accepting new dog customers over the age of 10.

If your dog is already a customer of ours, they will be allowed to stay with us past the age of 10.  We will begin to watch their behavior and health more closely.  Should they develop any issues of concern (snapping when bumped, vision problems, severe health issues, etc.), we will discuss the issues with you.

What if my dog needs special food or medication?

Our prices include morning and evening meals.  You are more than welcome to bring your dog's regular food.  Please use secure zip-loc bags or an airtight plastic container with enough food for two servings a day.  Label your container with your pet's first and last name.  This will ensure that they receive the correct food.  (We do not accommodate "Raw Feeding" methods which utilize raw meat and bones.) 

We are happy to administer your pet's medication.  All medications must be clearly marked with your pet's first and last name and must include clearly written instructions.  Our facility has a refrigerator if needed for medication or food.  If your pet's medication requires a needle/syringe, we will ask that they stay in a veterinarian's care.

What kind of food do you feed?

We currently feed Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice, which contains no wheat, soy or corn.  It is usually best for your dog to stay on their regular dog food from home.  

Should I bring my pet's bed and toys?

No.  Beds are provided for guests to sleep on.  There are fluffy comforters, blankies, cots or our laps available for your pet's use throughout the day.  In our cage free areas, everything is shared among the group and we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged property.

Do you have an app I can use to make reservations?

No.  But we do have a customer portal that works just as well!  Once your dog has passed an evaluation, you will be invited to log in to our customer portal interface through PetExec.  You can request daycare and boarding, upload your vet records and view your purchase history.  Please do not download the PetExec app.  It is not the same thing and will not work.

Are you really closed for 2 hours every day?

Yes.  This 2 hour break gives us a chance to refresh... to sanitize the lobby, let the dogs have some down time, and give our staff a chance to catch up on services and other tasks so we can serve you better in the afternoon.  We realize that this might be inconvenient for some, but it really is necessary and we appreciate your understanding. 

Anything else I should know?

We can provide a convenient oral Boradetella vaccine for you to administer to your own pet when you drop them off.  If this is your pet's first dose of Bordetella or if they are already past due, please have a licensed vet administer the vaccine 4-5 days prior to their visit.

We have special lobby hours around the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays.  Please see our Services page for specific hours.