Dogs are supervised during play by our friendly staff.  Some groups are kenneled at night for safety.

Let him play all day at PRP2 and when he gets home all he'll want to do is this.



What to Expect

Isabel's Mom

Don't come home

to this.

Or this.

We have 5,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to do what they do best; run around and have fun.  With our cage-free option, your dog can go outside anytime to go potty or cool off in the pool and then come back in for playtime or snuggles with our caregivers.  (pending behavior evaluation)

We're proud to offer you and your pet a daycare and boarding facility that is friendly, safe, clean and stimulating; where your pet will have trained staff ready to give them more love and attention than they would ever receive from a standard kennel.  We only have one rule for dogs:  Play Nice!

We believe that a cage-free environment is ideal for minimizing stress and anxiety while your pet is away from you.  However, for some dogs, constant socialization can be over-stimulating and may bring out unwanted behavior.  By providing a secluded place for dogs to rest when they need it, we are able to maintain a happy, safe environment for everyone.

home away from home


Dogs are divided at our discretion into baseball themed play groups according to size and energy level.

Piper's Mom

We want Pets R People 2 to be your dog's home away from home.  Inside the front door is the foyer.  Place a bedtime snack order from the concession stand for your dog's stay or pick something up for her after a day of daycare.  

Drop off your dog and hang your leash behind the half door.  Our staff will take your dog to their designated play area.  Dogs are divided at our discretion into baseball themed play groups according to size and energy level.  (See descriptions on our home page.)  Your dog's initial behavior evaluation will determine which play group they start out in.  As they grow and become more comfortable with us, another play group may become more appropriate. 

Cats are special guests at Pets R People 2.  Cats have their own room separate from dog areas.  There are windows to look out and cozy places to nap.  Cats are kept separated unless they are from the same family.



Floors and potty areas are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Water dishes are kept full and fresh.

We love PRP2, our dog begs to go there. She knows the days of the week and knows when it's Monday and time to go back to "camp" and play with her friends. The staff is amazing. We are picky pet parents and would only leave our girl in a place that we felt was safe. Thank you PRP2 for superior client service!

Pets R People 2 is an awesome place! My little Yorkie, Piper, loves going to "school" everyday and the staff is super friendly. They are always excited to see their four-legged customers and take good care of them all day. I'd recommend PRP2 to anyone who needs a fun, safe place for their pet! And it's affordable!