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Major League


Large dogs or other dogs with high energy are placed in teams of 5-7 players.  They also rotate play time and are kenneled at night for safety.

The Playground


These dogs are typically 25-60 lbs and have earned the right to free play with each other both day and night. Only one rule applies:  Play Nice!

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Minor League


Medium dogs not suited for free play are given 3-5 chosen team mates. They rotate time in the play area and are kenneled at night for safety.

Want an inside peek at our facility and what our dogs do all day?  Take a look!

​Little League


Little League players are generally less than 25 lbs.  They are cage free both day and night and must follow our rules for behavior.

Pets R People 2 in West Knoxville is a doggie daycare and overnight boarding facility.  We offer varying degrees of social interaction, including a 100% cage-free option.  We have staff in the building 24 hours a day and broad office hours for your convenience. 

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