10627 Lexington Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Cageless pet care.  Day and night.

Pets R People 2 is Knoxville's only completely cageless doggie daycare and boarding facility.  We never kennel or crate your dog.  Not even at night.  We have staff in the building 24 hours a day and broad office hours for your convenience. 


Owners: Tara and Jesse took over Pets R People 2 in 2012.  We have learned alot about canine behavior and have enjoyed getting to know so many dogs and their parents.  It is a joy to see such friendly faces every day.

We both come from families of entrepreneurs and animal lovers. We have two young children, two rescued dogs, two rescued cats, one bird and a number of fish. We understand how important it is to know that your children, furry or otherwise, are being taken care of in a safe and loving environment when they are not with you. We have a great team of trained staff that know and love the dogs as well.  Let us know how we can make your pet's stay as enjoyable as possible.

We love to share pictures and videos of the dogs on our facebook page.   Please like us and see what our friends are saying about Pets R People 2.

watch our promo video:

Don't come home to this:                                     Or this:

Let your dog play all day at Pets R People 2 and when you get home, all he'll want to do is this:


Our view on pet care and how we are different:

Have you ever felt guilty leaving your pet home alone for long periods of time due to long work hours?  Or dreaded putting your pet in a kennel when you went on vacation?  Does the idea of your pet in a small cage for long periods of time make you cringe?  To most people, pets aren't just animals.  They are our four legged furry child, best friend, companion, and treasured member of the family.

We have 5,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to do what they do best; run around and have fun.  Your dog can go outside anytime to go potty or cool off in the pool and then come back in for playtime or snuggles with our caregivers.  

We're proud to offer you and your pet a daycare and boarding facility that is cageless, safe, clean and stimulating; where your pet will have trained staff ready to give them more love and attention than they would ever receive from a standard kennel.  We only have one rule for dogs:  Play Nice!

At Pets R People 2, we won't nickle and dime you for the basic ammenities your pet should receive anyway.  All pets receive the same quality care, whether they are here for daycare or boarding overnight.  

Our prices include:

  • all day playtime
  • morning and evening meals - your food or ours (boarding dogs only)
  • clean floors - facility is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day
  • occasional treats
  • medication administered as needed
  • access to potty areas 24/7 - no need for potty breaks
  • belly rubs and lots of hugs


Pets R People 2 is bonded and insured.